Thursday, January 19, 2012

Punggol the best place invest in singapore

Punggol the best place invest in singapore .Are you considering to buy a property in Punggol? Many who are unfamiliar with that area often have the perception that it is a deserted and isolated part of Singapore with poor transport network to the rest of the island. They have been so wrong! Punggol is not only getting more and more developed, it is also fast becoming the next hottest area to look out for.

Why you should consider Punggol?

1. Punggol 21+

With the government's Punggol 21+ masterplan in place for Punggol, many more have set their eyes on Punggol and its huge unrealized potential. Once Punggol has been fully developed with all the amenities in place, what do you think will happen to the prices of properties in Punggol?

2. Upcoming developments

One of the biggest and most successful launch is a mixed development consisting of a shopping centre, residential units and transport networks right in the heart of Punggol called Watertown. This huge development boasts of its unique and one of a kind waterfront theme right by the Punggol waterway. It is going to be the next popular place amongst the teens and families with its huge array of shopping, dining and entertainment options. Frantic buyers have bought this development at prices around $1300 psf. With a development sold at such a price, what do you think will happen to the prices around this development?

Not only that, the opening of Punggol Water, also known as the Venice of Punggol, boasts a 4.2km long waterway that offers a myriad of recreational and relaxing activities for Punggol residents. You can simply step out of your house and take a relaxing stroll along the newly built Punggol Promenade, look and appreciate nature along the Lorong Hiatus, go fishing by the Punggol Jetty, fly kites at designated kite-flying areas, kayak or canoe along the waterway, cycle around the nature trails, take horse riding lessons at a nearby horse riding school, play gold at the Punggol Driving Range, play hockey at the Sengkang Hockey Stadium or have a picnic by the newly revamped Punggol Beach. The endless and countless choices of recreational activities awaits you at Punggol!

Another upcoming development nearby - Seletar Aerospace Hub, will definitely create 10,000 jobs for highly skills workers. It is currently building now and will be ready around the same time as River Isles is ready. With the huge influx in demand, it will increase demand in Punggol area for rental and on sale units.

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