Tuesday, March 13, 2012

tips selling homes in summer

Tips selling a home in the summer can usually be trickier compared to other seasons such as spring and autumn. People are typically out on vacations in summers, children involve more attention of the parents during summers because the school is off, and various other summer activities can cause a distraction. A few tips can help you sell your home in summer, if you have no way to wait for a better selling season.

Lawn Upkeep and Landscaping

For some reason, grass tends to grow faster in the summer. The details of the lawn are also more clearly visible during the shiny months of summer. Make sure you maintain your lawn nicely, and mow it regularly, at least twice a week and water it, if needed. Sometimes you may mow diagonally to add to the lawn's curb appeal, aesthetic value, and dimension.

To add to the curb appeal, you can also plant flowers, trim the bushes, and scatter mulch evenly. Remember not to put the mulch too close to your siding. More is not better in the case of mulch. Sweep the pathway leading up to your front door if you have one & driveway; paint your house number attractively on the curb, and make your entrance warm and welcoming.

Summer Colors for Interiors

Different shades of white and vivid blues are excellent colors for the summer. Pick up colors that have a cooling effect on the eyes. Use summer hues for throw rugs, accent pillows, sheets, and curtains. Remove the heavier drapes, and pull the blinds to the top. Use tie-backs for holding lighter curtains or drapes in place.

Brighter Ambience

If your rooms are slightly darker, add a few table lamps. However, make sure that the rooms are not over-lit. A potential buyer should not think that you are trying to compensate for the lack of natural light. Make sure the light switches are cleaned off and free of grime, finger prints or dust.

Attractive Entrance Way

The entrance hall is the most important area when you are trying to sell your home. Most potential buyers will first visit this area, and if it is enticing enough, they will be prompted to see more of your home. First impression is often the last impression in this business. If the entrance hall gives a feeling of cluttered and cramped housing, a potential buyer may lose interest in the rest of your home.

Air Temperature and Smell

Nothing can dampen a buyer's enthusiasm more than a stuffy and hot room on a hot summer day. Make sure that there is sufficient air circulation in your home. It may require you to place a few table fans at home if you don't have air conditioning. The AC should be set on the right temperature, it should be comfortable. If your home is cold inside that is not conducive to a tranquil atmosphere and if you walk around your home and begin to sweat, you're A/C is certainly not set properly. Ensure the home smells fresh and clean; certainly when a potential buyer is visiting. Remember to pay close attention to pet smells that can become more noticeable in the heat.

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